Glenwood Saturday

Sometimes, team Echinacea weekends can be very low key: we read or study, do laundry, or cook lunches for next week. This past Saturday was different. Lea, Tracie, Ashley, Wes, and I went to yoga on the beach in Glenwood. It was nice, the water was very peaceful, the class was rigorous but not overly difficult, and it was a warm morning.

After yoga, we got breakfast at the Gingerbread Cafe nearby. Now, I love breakfast. It’s hands down the best meal of the day. As far as the taste, the Gingerbread Cafe delivered a solid egg-hashbrown-toast plate. It was basic, but well done for a small town greasy spoon. The wait for said food was a bit long; I believe we waited a little over an hour. However, the restaurant was busy when we walked in, so I expected a little bit of a wait. The service was very good, and I (who was at that point in desperate need of a coffee) was not found with an empty cup. For my overall experience, I would give it a 9/10: a good breakfast.

After breakfast, Lea and Ashley went and had their own experiences. But Wes, Tracie, and I, along with a few of Amy Waananen’s team, went floating on the Long Prairie River. Butt reeds aside, it was perfect. Stuart and Gretel had graciously supplied us with tubes, and not wishing to use Wes’s bike pump, we filled the tubes at one of Alexandria’s finest gas stations. I am now absolutely convinced that Rosie, Kristina, Matthew, and Amy are all genii. They had found a floating cooler, which we tied ourselves to (with varying levels of permanency). The float took a few hours. To make a very long story short, we encountered tunnels and bridges, visited with turtles, got poked by Wes with reeds, and enjoyed a few libations. It was overall an excellent afternoon, captured by the blurry but nonetheless perfect figure below.

Oh yeah, and Wes, Ashley, and I went to fireworks in Glenwood that evening too. Good Saturday, 12.5/10.

The least blurry photo of the floaters feat. Amy, Rosie, Kristina, Matthew, and Wes’s forehead. 29 July 2017. Photo Courtesy of Wes Braker.


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