One of the reasons I enjoy field work is its unpredictability: it could rain or it could be a cloudless day, it could be 80˚F or it could be 60˚F, you could make a pretty significant dent measuring P2, finish measuring in P1, or you could get stung by a couple wasps for like no reason. Any combination of 4 of those things could make for an interesting and complex day.

Yesterday we did finish measuring in P1 (though we still need to do re-checks), and we got through 14 rows of measuring in P2, all during the morning. So far, no one seems to have gotten lost in P2, but we will see what happens as measuring progresses.

During the afternoon, most of the team worked on demo at the railroad crossing sites, while Lea visited her sites, and I set out yellow pan traps. Doing the yellow pan trap study is one of my favorite activities as a member of Team Echinacea. Every time I bring one in, its like a new and different present. There are some sites where I’ve come to expect certain insects. For example, I have come to almost always expect to see a cockroach in the site 3 yellow pan trap. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and it’s producing really interesting data. More is sure to come.

Oh, also happy August.

An old picture of Augochlorella spp. on a prairie rose. July 2017.


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