Goats in Paradise

Hello Flognation! Today started with moving Stuart’s herd of goats to a new paddock. Excitingly, there are now 11 goats in the herd! This is 3 more than there were the last time we moved the herd. It raises the questions, “How many goats will Stuart accept into his herd?”, “How many goats would it take to eat all the buckthorn between the bog and p1?”, “How many goats is too many goats?”, “If they chose to storm the Hjelm house, could we stop all of them?”, and “Wait are there only 10 goats inside the fence?” Luckily, all the goats were happy to move into their new buckthorn paradise, possibly with the exception of Baby, one of the newcomer goats who felt more at home with people than goats.

After goat herding, I went to go collect leaf tissue from plants in the remnant populations where I’m studying pollen movement. The rest of the team transitioned into measuring mode and proceeded to power through measuring many rows in p1. In p1, they encountered some exciting wildlife, namely this caterpillar:

After lunch, some of the team continued measuring, while the rest of the group went to collect demo data at Woody’s. Although Chekov was fussy, the demo team persisted and also encountered this important buddy:




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