Goodbye Flog

Hey Flog, just one more person saying bye! What an awesome experience I had on Team Echinacea this summer. I appreciated the community and learned a lot from the age and experience range of the team. I learned a lot of new skills, from assessing flowering phenology to using a survey-grade GPS to conducting an independent project to becoming familiar with new plant species! The age stratification of the team also got me thinking about both learning from people and being someone others could learn from. With such a variety of work this summer I was never bored, often felt challenged by the responsibilities I was trusted with, and got to enjoy the company of an awesome group of people.

I enjoyed one last day of demo with Mia and Anna 🙂
Living at Andes was great, especially because Lea and Mia were two awesome housemates. Hoping the ATH team compensates me for use of this publicity photo.
I got shocked by electric fences twice this summer. Glad this goat (or a similar-looking friend) got to share one of those moments with me
Not grass corner this week but the last species I made a visor record for on my project (Symphyotrichum laeve), plus a flying Bombus
Aww! Sharing a special moment with my sister when she visited. It’s fun when you have people to share it with!

The next few weeks I’ll be thinking of Mia and Drake as they wrap up harvest and the field season! See you next time!



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