Hot and Humid

The last few days have been quite steamy here in Douglas County, but Echinacea continues to flower and so our work doesn’t stop! A lot happened this morning for team echinacea. Sarah B continued her assessment of phenology in the remnants while Dayvis and Kory were at Hegg Lake continuing their independent projects. Gretel led a team to assess phenology in the common garden and Ilse and I went out to Staffanson to collect pollen for the cross experiment.


In the afternoon nearly everyone helped Amy finish searching for her plants out at Hegg Lake and were treated to ice cream afterwards. Ilse and I entered some data and practiced our artistic skills out in the common garden (i.e. painted some bracts). Looks like we’ll start the official crosses tomorrow!

I made an enormous amount of fried rice for dinner tonight and a bunch of us crafted pollinator exclusion bags/cages while watching X-men. The forecast for tomorrow says it’s supposed to be a bit cooler, let’s hope so!


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