In the key of bee

Lately we’ve been having a surprisingly easy time competing with pollinators to harvest pollen for our pulse-steady experiment. What’s going on? Is it just the end of flowering or does the global pollinator decline have West Central Minnesota in its grasp? Only time and science will tell, but until then, please enjoy the anthem we composed this morning while collecting pollen.

Where have all the good flies gone
And where are all the bees?
Where’s the streetwise Hymenoptera
To fight the high wind speeds?
Isn’t there a winged beast
Upon a fearsome breeze?
In the morning I search and search
And I hunt for bugs that plants need

I’m holding out for a pollinator flying in my sight
She’s gotta be strong
And she’s gotta be fast
And she’s gotta be fresh from the hive
I’m holding out for a pollinator in the morning light
She’s gotta be sure
And she’s gotta be soon
And she’s gotta touch anthers and styles

Jay squares up to fight bees

Special thanks to Jay Fordham and Shea Issendorf for lyric contributions


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