It’s so Exciting!

Hey Everyone,

I’ve finally made it to the flog. So excited. ^_^

For all our loyal followers, my name is Kate and I’ll be starting the Masters program at Northwestern in the fall. Thus, part of my energy this summer will be devoted to thinking/researching/exploring possible masters projects. Stuart, Caroline, and Megan have already been very helpful in setting me on the right track; they all have some great ideas and thoughts on what I could focus on. I’m feeling a bit spoiled for choice, actually. Guess I have a lot of reading to do!

I will also be working with the Pollinator Sub-team of the Echinacea Team. Allegra, Amanda, Mimi and I will all be tackling various aspects of the great pollen issues surrounding Echinacea. The questions I will be attempting to shed light on include:
1) What pollen ends up on flowering Echinacea? In what quantities?
2) Is a plants floral neighborhood reflected by the pollen that ends up on the flower?
3) How does isolation impact the amount of pollen on Echinacea plants? How does the quantity/quality issue play out on isolated Echinacea vs. Bunched plants?
4) Does flowering early or late in the season have any impact on the amount of pollen a Echinacea receives?

I’ll be posting a proposal type document with my methods soon, so watch for that.

Ta for now,


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