A Chivalrous Reply

A certain someone has thrown the digital gauntlet down, and being who I am, I cannot stand by and let that someone’s remarks pass. Generations of Raths back to the Dark Ages would roll over in their graves were their descendant to back down, spineless, before a challenge. I shall outmaneuver my opponent by focusing on quality, not quantity. My posts shall be masterpieces of prose and picture, and my adversary shall soon bow down, defeated.

Today was a rather productive day, as Amy and I flagged transects in Nessman, Stephen’s Approach, KJ’s, Northwest of Landfill, and East Riley. They all went fairly quickly one we got the procedure down: Determine where the plants correspond to the map, lay down the first metre tape, choose and flag random spots on the length of the tape, measure outwards from that tape to the edge of the remnant, and flag that point as well. After that, we put in shiners and tags so that we could be sure of finding them again. We also flagged plants for Jennifer’s and Diedre’s tissue samples.

Pictures below are of:

IMG_4528.JPGA beautiful sunset outside Kensington. I cannot get used to the fact that the sun sets around 10 out here!

IMG_4535.JPGA dragonfly eating another dragonfly at Glacier Lakes National Park. This one just kinda landed on Allegra’s head.

IMG_4542.JPGPrairie Clover! There was a lot of this at Glacier Lakes, which made the prairie that much more beautiful.

IMG_4547.JPGMembers of Team Echinacea: Mimi, Kate, Daniel and Allegra at Glacier Lakes. Such a nice day!

IMG_4549.JPGEven though we were not at work, we could not stop ourselves from searching for seedlings! Didn’t find any though.

IMG_4567.JPGThere is a nest of baby birds in the Common Garden in row 41 that I found a week or two ago. There were only eggs at first, but they hatched and are now sprouting quills! Expect updates on these guys as well as regular pictures!

Note: As I was writing this, Dr. Ridley walked in carrying two Pappa John’s pizzas as a break from the healthy salads we have been eating all week! A move worthy of a saint!


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