Late entry

Well, another picture-dump type entry tonight. Ian apparently like’s Jameson’s (now unused) mattress. He doesn’t have this beetle in his collection. I probably should’ve put it in my pocket for him. Speaking of beetles, I met a very friendly ladybug.

This morning we took phenology data on our Visors. For our non-biology inclined readers, phenology is the study of the timings of various organic systems (reproduction, migration, etc) in relation to the climate. Visors are the Palm-Pilots with which we take data. Open this picture in a new window. Note the single row of stamens (the yellow pollen-bearing male parts) and the three rows of styles (the stigma is on top; it’s the pollen-receptive bit). This is essentially the bulk of our observation for the phenology data.

In the afternoon, we flagged and twist-tied every (possibly) flowering head in the entire common garden. We have allegedly 1000 or more flowering heads in the garden. Jameson observes a few of these flowering heads.

Finally, Jameson throws a sandal.


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