Mia Stevens

Echinacea Project 2020

Biology, College of Wooster 2020 

Research Interests

My research interests are in how plants interact with their surrounding organisms and environment. And in this pollination biology perfectly is nesseled quite nicely. I have enjoyed using molecular work to follow where pollen is moving in populations of plants.  I have been on Team Echinacea before (Summer 2018 and Team Echinacea East 2019) and I am looking forward to be back on the team and in the field!


I am from Buffalo, NY, and yes it finally stopped snowing around a month ago.  In my spare time I like to knit, embroider, and most recently bake (it became my quarantine pass time). My dog Ellie is my sidekick and we love to go on adventures together, trying not to get in too much trouble. 

This is me presenting a poster of my senior thesis dressed as a saguaro cactus


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