Name that pollen



Your choices are: Heliopsis, Coreopsis, and Echinacea. (hint: there is only one species of pollen in each photo.)

Put your guesses in the comments, and we’ll reveal the answers on America’s birthday! Go ahead, put some money on it.

-Daniel and Amanda

EDIT– We will not be announcing the results until there are at least three guesses in the comments!! Get guessin, folks. And happy July 4th!


4 comments to Name that pollen

  • I think it is difficult to compare the previously posted slide of Echinacea pollen with these two because the differences in lighting, color, magnification, and resolution. We need to control these variable when making images for a reference collection.

    I will hazard a guess:
    Heliopsis on top.
    Echinacea on bottom.

  • Amy Dykstra

    I’m guessing the top one is Echinacea angustifolia and the bottom one is Heliopsis. Btw, I didn’t look at Stuart’s guess until I had already written mine down.

  • Julie


  • Amanda Gallinat

    The results are posted!

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