Navigating the Alexandria Farmers Market

Geena, Mia and I visited the Alexandria farmers market this Saturday. They operate 3 days a week, Saturday & Tuesdays morning, and Thursday evening. There were many produce stands and some arts and crafts stands as well. I walked past a pottery booth and was drawn to this little trinket (photo 1). I have been searching for some minnesotan merch since I’ve arrived, now I found the perfect memento. We got yummy donuts at the farmers market and devoured half a dozen instantly. Our last stop was the food truck with strawberries. Mia bought 3 whole quarts of strawberries! I wonder what she will be making with them 😋 

After the farmers market we stopped by goodwill and got some unexpected finds. Here is a pic of our thrift haul, Mia found the one true pair of overalls, Geena found a pair of perfect fitting cameo pants (unfortunately not pictured) and I found a set of old lady formal wear.


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