Phenology Wednesday

Today was undoubtedly the hottest work day this year (so far). It was the sort of heat that you can’t help but talk about, the kind that saps the energy out of you. We started out the morning phenology. Ashley, Gretel, and I went to p2. The heat seemed to have sped up the emergence of new male and female florets. It almost seemed like new rows of anthers and styles were emerging as we were observing them! There were bees and flies everywhere, on Echinacea heads, buzzing around our heads, and visiting other plants. Despite the heat, it was exciting to see so much activity.

Ruth visited us today to help us with phenology and measuring. It was nice to talk to her a little more at lunch and during measuring.

But while everyone else was starting measuring in p8 in the early afternoon, I split off and visited my yellow pan trap sites. I had placed 5 out at various points along the roadsides on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, two of the pan traps tipped over during the night because of the intense rain we got in the early hours this morning. However, I was able to collect some insects from the remaining three. I can’t wait to put out the remaining traps later this week.

To end our day, Stuart and Gretel cut up some watermelon. It was an absolutely perfect end to a hot, hot day.

Phenology at p2 with Gretel, Ashley, and Lea; 05 July 2017.


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