Planting Asclepias viridiflora

Last summer, we located 71 Asclepias viridiflora (green milkweed) plants in the remnants, and we collected pods from 22 plants. We brought the seeds back to the Chicago Botanic Garden, where Cathy Thomas propagated them at the production greenhouse. We were hoping for 392 milkweed seedlings, but the seeds germinated better than expected, so we now have 505 baby milkweeds!

On Friday, Jared and I planted 149 Asclepias viridiflora plants south of p8. These plants represented 13 maternal lines. We flagged out five 30-m-long transects. Two transects are partially within the west Andropogon pilot plot, and three transects are partially within the east plot. Along each transect, we dug holes with soil knife 1 m apart, watered the holes, and planted the Asclepias plugs. We placed a toothpick 2 cm north of each plant and recorded the toothpick color. We were glad that we decided to add toothpicks; when I returned to water the milkweed plants, they were already nearly impossible to see!


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