What’s blooming at Staffanson?

The west unit of Staffanson burned this spring, so we expect a multitude of flowers this year. When Jared, Lindsey, and I visited Staffanson to stake random points on Wednesday, we noted which plants were flowering after the burn. Here’s what we found, from A to Z:

  • Anemone patens (pasqueflower)
  • Astragalus crassicarpus (ground plum)
  • Comandra umbellata (bastard toadflax)
  • Fragaria virginiana (wild strawberry)
  • Geum triflorum (prairie smoke)
  • Hypoxis hirsuta (yellow star-grass)
  • Lathyrus venosus (veiny pea)
  • Lithospermum canescens (hoary puccoon)
  • Maianthemum stellatum (starry false Solomon’s seal)
  • Nothocalais cuspidata (prairie false dandelion)
  • Oxalis violacea (violet wood sorrel)
  • Pedicularis canadensis (wood betony)
  • Ranunculus rhomboideus (prairie buttercup)
  • Sisyrinchium campestre (prairie blue-eyed grass)
  • Viola pedatifida (prairie violet)
  • Zizia aptera (heart-leaved Alexander)

Honorable mention goes to several plants that weren’t blooming yet. We’ll check on them later in the summer:

  • Amorpha canescens (lead plant)
  • Anemonastrum canadense (meadow anemone)
  • Asclepias syriaca (common milkweed)
  • Cypripedium parviflorum (yellow lady’s slipper)
  • Heuchera richardsonii (prairie alumroot)
  • Lilium philadelphicum (wood lily)
  • Pediomelum esculentum (prairie turnip)
  • Thalictrum dasycarpum (tall meadow-rue)

We spotted several Echinacea plants on our walk. No flowers yet, but the leaves were as long as my finger!


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