Project status update: Aphid transfer

This collection plant had some of the most aphids we've seen yet in one place!

This collection plant had some of the most aphids we’ve seen yet in one place!

Aphis echinaceae is a recently-discovered aphid species believed to specialize on Echinacea angustifolia. In 2014, Cam Shorb designed and implemented an experiment to test whether aphids could survive on the closely related Echinacea pallida or hybrids of the two Echinacea species. He added a total of 1600 aphids to 88 Echinacea plants at Hegg Lake WMA. Although the aphid survival rate was only 9 percent, Aphis echinaceae survived on all Echinacea variants suggesting the aphid may be more flexible than previously believed.

Start year: 2014

Location: Hegg Lake WMA

Products: A preliminary dataset is located in Cam Shorb’s Dropbox folder. This dataset needs to be made readyR.


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