Riley Thoen

Echinacea Project 2019

Biology Honors, Gustavus Adolphus College ’19

Research Interests

My research interests include everything from community ecology to population and quantitative genetics and physiological ecology. That said, I love linking these different fields to plant conservation. I have found recently that I enjoy reading quantitative and population genetics papers the most that link their work ultimately to community dynamics. I recently completed my senior honors thesis at Gustavus with data from Team Echinacea’s hybrid experimental plot 7, and working with the data made me think of some interesting questions regarding the genetic structure of Echinacea angustifolia¬†within the remnants.


I am from the wonderful suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota. In my limited free time, I like to spend time with friends, play sports (softball, tennis, etc…), and play board games – especially cribbage. I also really love to be outside and go for walks, hikes, runs, and bike rides. I took a plant systematics course my final semester of college, so I have recently taken to naming every tree that I walk by when I am with friends. My final area of deep interest is competitive Pok√©mon battling; it really gets me to use my brain in new, creative ways, even if it is a children’s game.


This is me at school during a march for climate action (I’m the one with the sign)!


2 comments to Riley Thoen

  • Susan Blatz

    Looking forward to meeting you Riley!

    Master Gardener volunteer

  • Charlynn Schweingruber


    Welcome to the Garden. I have been volunteering for 26 years. First outside and now inside. Looking forward to meeting you.

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