Swim Saturday

So far our weekend has been busy but fun! We started the morning off with a family breakfast of eggs, vegetables & hash browns that other Lea and I cooked. Scott then helped his professor Harmony Dalgleish from the College of William & Mary sample milkweed populations on route 37. The Town Hall group then went to Elbow Lake for swimming, diving, and sunbathing for a few hours. We decided Amy has the best dive and James has the best cannonball. James was also able to touch the bottom of the lake with his feet (granted he is the tallest in the group).

After grabbing lunch back at town hall we headed to Alexandria for a shopping trip at GoodWill and Cub for groceries. Alyson was able to pick up mason jars to collect insects from her bog and Alex found more shirts for field work. Alyson & I also picked up a pitcher from Walmart to make some sun tea this weekend. Half the team (the carnivores) headed to Will’s house to try his ribs while the vegetarians returned to town hall to rest after the long day.


Will’s infamous backyard!


2 comments to Swim Saturday

  • Laura Leventhal

    Going to Will’s house was so fun! The vegetarians should have joined because will made a peach pie that was delicious!!

  • Danny Hanson

    Whoa, he let you guys know where he lived?? He absolutely refused last summer, for some reason he didn’t want us to use his laundry machine.

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