ice-cream-Sunday June 26th

Today, June 26th, little Scott’s mind was blown (see below).


Scot trying to fathom how an ice cream sandwich could be so perfect.

Scott trying to fathom how an ice cream sandwich could be so perfect.

Yes, the most perfect and tastiest of ice cream sandwiches was created in Kensington today. Kensington is no longer the just the birth place of America but now the birth place of the most divine and exquisite ice cream sandwich. A stunning combination of chocolate brownie-cookie and mint chocolate chip ice cream in the perfect ratios created a treat that not only holds rank among ice cream sandwiches, but ALL sandwiches. Additionally, the “mouth-feel” was exceptional.

Energized by the ice cream, a spontaneous and rambunctious frisbee session began and superlatives were awarded.

Alyson: Best Mind Games and Most Intimidating Eye Contact

Amy: Best Dinosaur Noises

James: Longest Reach and Best Fake-outs

And then the game got serious when we asked the REAL questions: “How many ice cream sandwiches is too many ice cream sandwiches?” and  “Should we wash out feet before we get in bed or should we just put socks on?”

Stay tuned.


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