Tuesday, August 30th

Today, we said hello once again to the muggy weather and clouds of mosquitoes. Phenology data was collected from the common garden in the morning. I collected my own flowering phenology data, too. Most of the plants in the remnants I’m using are finishing up flowering now!
After lunch, Reina and Mike counted trichomes while the rest of us measured plants in the common garden. The mosquitoes were out in droves and it was difficult to keep up morale. Thankfully, Marie and I found a little friend. We fondly named him/her Herb.
Later on in the evening, the whole team went to where Pam is staying with Susan to eat dinner and hang out. It was a lovely time with delicious food and wonderful company. I know I’m not the only one who ate too much!
Looking forward to a windier day tomorrow!

Sarah B