Terrific Tuesday!!!!

Today was quite a busy day! The team split up and took a crew over to P2 (that’s where I was) to start phenology on the flowering plants in the field.

The plants phenology contained information such as where it was(row and position), a twist tie color to mark individual heads to help separate them when we study, and if the plant was flowering or not(if it was flowering the first, second, and mid day fields were filled). Most of the plants were flagged with a red flag and labeled. The afternoon came fast and lunch began. Stuart talked with us to make sure that everyone knew more safety and talked about who wants to present for projects.

After lunch another group (super terrific incredible people association squad AKA S.T.I.P.A.S.) went out to do a stipa search in certain remnants. The squad went out for the rest of the afternoon and we went to, Hegg, Loefflers Corner, and Yellow Orchid Hill. We went to each random point that we needed and checked a meter around each point to see if any stipa was growing. If it was we would record, collect, and bag it up.


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