The End is Near

After a crazy and super fun Waterama ¬†weekend in Glenwood, it was fun to get back to work with the rest of Team Echinacea. Today was phenology Wednesday and with many of the plants done flowering it took barely an hour to complete everything! I will admit I am a little sad that summer is almost over… However, since phenology is nearing the end, we also used this morning to work on demo at north railroad crossing and around landfill. ¬†I worked with Gretel and Alex after finishing phenology at around landfill and found a tiny (hopefully monarch) caterpillar! His name is Angustus and I am hoping he will grow into a fantastic butterfly we can release soon!

After lunch, we headed out to P2 to measure. Today we got to row 37 out of 80. Even though this is less than half, the coming rows have fewer plants. When we had measured for about 3 hours, Stuart cut up a watermelon and the team enjoyed that as an end to a great day.

The plan for the rest of the week includes more demo, phenology, and other projects! Also, everyone is looking forward to the promise of a cool, 60 degree day tomorrow!


Top left- Alex staking at alf, Angustus the caterpillar, measuring, and an Echinacea done flowering



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