P2? More like P-done.

Today was a really chilly day for August. The high temperature was around 60 degrees and it rained most of last night. We did some inside work this morning while we waited for it to dry off, one team (Wes, Ashley, and Alex) went to north of railroad crossing to do total demo but, the weather did not cooperate.

This afternoon we worked on measuring plants in experimental plot 2. We began measuring in p2 midway through the morning on Tuesday. We finished measuring almost 4000 positions today. That’s only 2 days! Probably a new record measuring p2. The data we collected in p2 over the last couple days will be added to the long-term fitness data set for those plants which were planted in 2006.

We look forward to slightly warmer weather tomorrow!

Three groups diligently measure in experimental plot 2!


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