the internets are back

it’s been a whole week since we last had internet access at the Andes, and I have a lot of material to post. I have many many pictures to upload and many stories to tell, but I can’t do it all now. Anyway my posts from now on will probably not be in the order that the events actually happened. Here are some pictures i took today


this fly was on this head for a long time. I’m not exactly sure what it was doing. The anthers with the yellow pollen and the styles in the lowers rows are evident in these pictures

Flowering is winding down. This is one of the more photogenic of the heads that are done flowering


There are a few late plants that are just starting to flower. The may be the only one that is so late that looks normal. You can see one row of male florets on this flower. That means that this was the first day it flowered(mostly likely anyway).
here is head that hasn’t started flowering yet, but it’s not really normal. This has a condition that we call indented. In indented heads the middle of the head goes in (the head is concave), whereas normal heads are convex.

We saw a Robberfly today in the CG and I got some good pictures of it
here it is laying eggs into the spent florets on an Echinacea head.

here is a young head with an old one. In this picture the the open spent florets on the old head are large and easy to see.


Team Video


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