Update on the food at Town Hall

Hi, loving readers,

Today was another day off for us. We decided to enjoy the day and pursue some of our own interests. Amy’s making great progress on the socks she’s knitting. I made a loaf of bread and got the dough ready to make pretzels tomorrow. The major excitement of the day is that we’re trying to use up surplus food items left over from earlier this summer so that we don’t have to go to the grocery store any time soon. We’re doing well on tomatoes, peppers and other odds and ends, but running dangerously low on coffee and are out of ice cream. For dinner, we made scrambled eggs and eggplant fritters (using a recipe which, unlike what the authors of Joy of Cooking want you to believe, absolutely does not make six servings. What is this —  a meal for ants?). We then ate a dessert of watermelon from our CSA while talking about how much we miss the rest of the team. It’s early to bed, early to rise as we get ready for work tomorrow. While the rest of the country takes Labor Day off, we’ll be at Staffanson and the Hjelm House, since the prairies don’t observe national holidays.



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