Using Our (Green) Thumbs for Typin’

Trevor here! And for, sadly, what is the last time. I can’t believe time flew by so fast! Alas, Nina and I began writing our research papers as we near the end of our externship experience. Our  “mini-papers” will be available on the flog and our broken down into four sections: introduction, methodology, results, and discussion. Make sure to check them out! Nina’s will be about diversity of plant species and its affect on Echinacea seed-set, while mine will concern how the burning of certain sides of a field-site affect the seed-set Liatris and Solidago species. Nina and I also had our “dissertation defense” sessions with Stuart, which both were very enjoyable and left us with lots of answers, but also plenty of questions to consider as we move forward as both students and researchers.

We also got to attend Dr. Kelly Ksiazek Mikenas public dissertation defense discussing her research on green roofs in both Chicago and Germany. In fact, the green roof pictured above is quite famous and is located on top of Chicago’s very own City Hall! Her talk was extremely enlightening and taught me a lot about promoting biodiversity in an urban setting. She defended the use of prairie species on green roofs in cities. She also had a wonderful array of snacks and her resume was quite inspiring and left me lots to think about when it comes to my future.

Thanks for everything Team Echinacea,



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