Wireless printer connection

Hi all,
I have finally figured out how to connect to the printer via the wireless network on a PC. To make sure your computer will be able to access the printer on the network you must do the following:

1) Install the drivers for the LaserJet 2300L. I used the PCL6 driver and it seemed to work fine.
2) Once you have the drivers installed, go to control panel and click on Add Hardware (you must be connected to the wireless network to do this step).
3) When it asks, select that you have already connected the new hardware.
4) Scroll to the very bottom of the next list that appears to where it says “Add a new hardware device.”
5) Then select “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list.”
6) Select “Printers.”
7) Select “Create a new port” and have it be a standard TCP/IP port.
8) Click “next” until it asks you to enter the printers IP address, which is

The application should now be fairly straightforward. At some point you will be asked it you wish to share the printer, select no. You may also print a test copy to make sure that you are connected to the printer.

Let me know if you have questions.


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