Fenology Phriday

TGIF! You all know what Friday means: Phenology! The team headed out this morning to check the progress of our flowering remnant plants. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in East Landfill seeing all the funky diseased heads, although it does make counting rows of anthers and styles difficult when they are all scrambled. After mutant heads, my second favorite thing about Landfill is the robber flies, although I’ve been warned many times not to anger them.

In the second half of the day, most of the team headed to our experimental plot 8 to find and measure plants. This plot is just down the road from our headquarters at Hjelm house. The plants in this plot are starting from seed instead of seedlings, so it was a different process to find them. We had to search in the duff for nails each meter, then measure to find different-colored toothpicks or cocktail swords.

We finished the day with watermelon. What a good end to the week! All of us at Team Echinacea hope you have a better weekend than this horse fly being eaten by a crab spider does:




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