Nobody outblogs Amanda Gallinat

I was recently informed that Daniel Rath has been “outblogging” me on the FLog, and I agree, he has– but it stops now. Daniel updates the FLog several times a week, and that’s cool. So from now on, every post Daniel posts, I too will post a post. Plus one.

Consider this a challenge, Daniel Rath!

To make up for lost time, and because if you’re anything like my mom (and you might be my mom– hi mom!) you love photos, here is a visual record of the past two days.

1) The past two mornings have been surprisingly cold here in K-town! Around 11:00 AM the truck bed has absorbed enough heat for a really fine cuddle.

2) On the way back from the ’99 South garden, Gretal (Queen Bee) and I saw a little hummingbird trying to run with the big dogs (some swallows) atop the telephone line.

3) In the end, he was a bit of an outcast.

4) Today many of us went to the landfill to practice our independent project techniques (characterizing floral neighborhoods, catching pollinators, collecting pollen from non-Echinacea flowers, etc). I expected a dump, but I found a wonderland– just see for yourselves!

Don’t be fooled, it’s not Italy- it’s a DUMP. In Kensington!!

Mimi couldn’t imagine what good deed could have landed her in such a place!

Then we found this Prairie Lily (Lilium Philidelphicum)

We got pulled over by this cop, and she made us characterize a floral neighborhood!

There was also some flowering Leadplant (Amorpha canescens)
fl leadplant.jpg

I will post again soon about how my independent project plans are shaping up, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments!!

Edit: Click on the photos if you’d like a slightly larger image.


4 comments to Nobody outblogs Amanda Gallinat

  • Julie

    Mom here … great photos! and text .. you had me laughing, as usual. Cuddling a truck bed! No wonder you got pulled over! LOL

    Landfill? What, they don’t produce garbage in K-town? I think you got lost .. didn’t read your map correctly.

    Keep posting 🙂 x

  • Amy (Mueller) Dykstra

    Pretty impressive flog, RoboCop!

  • I don’t think you can out-photo Jameson, though.

  • GH

    Will we look back on this post, years from now, as the truck-cuddlin’ point of origin?

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