Oops, All Brome: Experimental Plots!

Today, most of Team Echinacea spent their morning and afternoon in the experimental plots P1 and p8, measuring phenology. Alex and I also went and placed the yellow pan traps out for the day – this is now the second day that we’ve put the traps out, and we got a lot of flies again, but some pollinators as well. Phenology in the plots included a lot of echinacea, but also included a lot of other organisms, like the ants and their aphid farms we observed on the echinacea! The brome grass is getting pretty tall in P8, but this didn’t stop us from finding the echinacea plants hidden beneath.

After work, the crew headed to the Elk Lake House, where Mia, Alex and Lindsey made some great curry for everyone to enjoy. We also played several rounds of the game Empire, where we had to remember nicknames we made up on the spot, and if we could figure out what people’s created nicknames were, we could expand our empire!

Last, but not least, the echinacea project team is pleased to announce we are collaborating with Captain Crunch to bring you a new spin on Captain Crunch: All Brome (Created by our very own Johanna)!

Featuring the brome we see so much of in the plots


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