More pictures

Well, until I figure out why putting images in directly won’t work properly for me, I’ll just link them. Click to see the picture. Also, Ian keeps putting stuff in his kill jars. He’s shuffling insects from this mortal coil.

Rosa arkansana – Pasture rose

Lilium philadelphicum – Prairie lily

some kind of Bluet – a damselfly


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  • Andy McCall

    I think that the green bee on the lily is in the Halictidae, a beautiful family of bees

  • Josh, That’s an awesome photo of what looks like Augochlorella striata on Rosa arkansana (IMG_0554). It is amazing how much detail there is! One of the big questions we want to answer about pollinators of Echinacea is whether they visit other flowering plant species between visits to Echinacea. I think that if you took a photo of an Augochlorella on Echinacea you might be able to see if it had previously collected white Rosa pollen.

    josh’s reply: No, it’s a problem with the images not showing up properly. I figure I just need to fix whatever the problem is.

  • Africa Safari

    Yeah i think you have a great camera. The pixels must be very high.
    It looks beautiful.

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