Seedlings found doing Recruitment

Exciting news! Amy and Hillary found some seedlings at a Hegg Lake plot, the one thats on a hill (the hill with all the phlox on the side) near that blind corner. Anyway, there were nearby flowering plants so its great their reproducing! There were also a couple seedlings found outside the frisbee sized circle area.

here are the pics:

staffanson and recruitment (44).JPG

This one is a close up of the shriveled cots (with an achene next to it), can you see it!?!
staffansen and recruitment (45).JPG

The seedling finders, working hard!
staffansen and recruitment (47).JPG

This was in the morning, getting ready for work:
staffansen and recruitment (4).JPG

This is just a prairie lilly (Lilium philadelphicum) that I spotted at Staffenson. First time ever seeing one and I think their beautiful!
staffansen and recruitment (22).JPG

Lastly, this is a reminder for me to show Stuart my preliminary data collection sheet:
data table for project.pdf



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  • Awesome photos, Katie! That is really a fine close-up of the seedling with the achene nearby. Those certainly are cotyledons–not easy to tell though.

  • The data form looks good. One thought: you will have multiple dates to enter and keep track of (painting date or dates, observing bee, observing shriveling after 24 h, and after 48 h.) If everything goes smoothly all dates will be consecutive, it is unlikely everything will go smoothly all the time; it’s the nature of field biology.

  • Amy Dykstra

    Thanks for the post about the seedlings we found in the Recruitment experiment. The achenes were originally sowed into these plots in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Our first flowering plant in these plots was observed in 2007, but these were the first seedlings we have observed. That’s a generation time of about 10 years!

  • Daniel Rath

    You found seedlings! Great! Looking good in those CBG t-shirts too!

  • Daniel Rath

    You found seedlings! Great! Looking good in those CBG t-shirts too!

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