2011 Flowering Phenology Data

Final consolidated file of ech. ang. flowering phenology data from 2011
Edit: now with sppe and sppw differentiated

Kelly’s Data Modified

Kelly’s data from 2012 modified for use in RStudio

22 August 2013

Today was a busy day for the four of us. We started work at 8am searching for “can’t finds” in the common garden. Kory and Ilse left after about an hour to GPS Landfill for seedling re-finds. Lydia and I followed soon after. We finished Landfill around 11 and then flagged flowering plants we came across. These will be mapped later on.
Gulls always seem to love hanging around Landfill and they can often be seen huge flocks around the site.

Kory and I went and flagged re-find points at East of Town Hall. Then we met Ilse and Lydia back at the Hjelm house for lunch.

The afternoon consisted of Kory and Ilse going to do seedling re-finds at Randt while Lydia and I did re-finds at East of Town Hall. We finally finished all the seedling re-finds!!!
We also continued our searches in the common garden.
Can you spot the plant I found at a “can’t find” position?

That’s all for today!

– Sarah B

Sarah Baker 2013 Flowering Phenology Data Set

Flowering phenology data from summer 2013. This version contains data collected from 7 July, 2013 to 26 August, 2013. PhenDataMASTERcsv_28-Aug-2013.csv

And Then There Were Six

Today was another busy, productive day. Dayvis left for Chicago this morning bringing our number down to six. However, everyone still got a lot done.

In the morning, Lydia and Ilse continued their cross pollination adventures while Mike, Reina, and Pam finished using Helga, counted trichomes, and weighed and pressed leaves. Kory, Stuart, and I went to South of Golf Course and East Elk Lake Road to do seedling re-finds and learn how to use the GPS.

We all met up again for lunch, as usual. The table felt really empty today!

The afternoon was spent measuring the common garden (we’re close to being done). Stuart and I found a little fuzzy friend at row 23, position 912. It was super cute but we suspect it had been eating the E. angustifolia leaves.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar (Pyrrharctia isabella larval stage)

In other news, grasshoppers seem to like eating data sheets

That’s all for today!

Sarah B

Tuesday, August 6th

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Weather was as usual today, meaning erratic. In the morning, it rained really hard for about half an hour and then we were left with sunshine. In the afternoon, we started with sunshine and ended with rain! We still managed to get a lot done, though. Good job, team!

In the morning, people did data entry while it rained and then individual projects and common garden work when it cleared up. We all met up for lunch and then spent the afternoon measuring more plants in the common garden. The leopard frogs seemed to love the weather and were everywhere today. So cute!

In other news, Marie found a love for thistles and has proclaimed herself a “thistle whisperer.”

We all went home early due to rain and a tornado warning (we’re all safe, thankfully). Lydia made a delicious dinner of black bean burgers and potatoes which was awesome!
Another good day, even with the crazy weather. Now, it’s time for bed. Goodnight!

Sarah B

Tuesday, August 30th

Today, we said hello once again to the muggy weather and clouds of mosquitoes. Phenology data was collected from the common garden in the morning. I collected my own flowering phenology data, too. Most of the plants in the remnants I’m using are finishing up flowering now!
After lunch, Reina and Mike counted trichomes while the rest of us measured plants in the common garden. The mosquitoes were out in droves and it was difficult to keep up morale. Thankfully, Marie and I found a little friend. We fondly named him/her Herb.
Later on in the evening, the whole team went to where Pam is staying with Susan to eat dinner and hang out. It was a lovely time with delicious food and wonderful company. I know I’m not the only one who ate too much!
Looking forward to a windier day tomorrow!

Sarah B

Tuesday a Little Late

Whoops! Looks like I forgot to post about Tuesday yesterday… Well, better late than never.
Yesterday, the morning started out with personal projects and assessment of flowering phenology in the common garden. The weather was hot and muggy and there was a heat advisory warning but we were not to be deterred!
The afternoon was spent measuring the E. angustifolia in Amy’s Plot at Hegg Lake.
It was difficult work, but we managed to finish by the end of the day and were rewarded with delicious root beer floats!

Sarah B

Flowering at Staffanson!

This morning, I went out to Staffanson to collect flowering phenology data and saw my first flowering Echinacea of the summer! Some had started flowering yesterday but a few started today. Awesome! 😀
Sarah B

Friday of Fun!

Today was a day for independent projects. I’m not really sure what everyone did and Marie is currently trying to hit me with a mini beach ball.
Ok. I’m back now. This morning, I woke up at the usual time to meet with my parents and go to Staffanson to collect data for my flowering phenology project. Today, we found about 5 or 6 heads that look like they could flower within the next few days!
Ilse and Reina spent the morning sewing more pollinator exclusion bags for Kory’s project and Lydia spent some more time with her aphids (this seems to be her new favorite activity) while Kory and Sara Z practiced capturing and identifying pollinators.
Marie and Dayvis went to Hegg Lake where they measured plants and practiced videotaping flowering.
Back at the Hjelm house, Stuart, Pete, and Dwight worked hard installing gutters to keep the basement from flooding when it rains.
Marie made us all some delicious pizza for dinner! I highly recommend the one with tofu and buffalo chicken wing sauce.
A good Friday for all, I think. 🙂
Enjoy the weekend!